Historic Districts

Historic Preservation (562) 570-6194

The City of Long Beach has recognized certain buildings and neighborhoods as having special architectural and historical value. The City Council designates historic landmarks, historic districts, historic places and historic objects by city ordinance.

Buildings may be eligible for landmark status if they have historic and/or architectural value and have retained their original exterior form and materials. Buildings that are high quality examples of past architectural style or that have historical associations or unusual architectural characteristics may meet the criteria for landmark designation.

Historic districts are areas containing groups of older houses that are intact and unaltered. While each building may not be individually worthy of landmark status, collectively they preserve the visual qualities and ambiance of the past. Streetscape features, such as trees or light standards, may contribute to the historic value of the district.

Even if interspersed with some non-historical structures, neighborhoods may qualify for historic district status if at leas two-thirds of the houses are original older homes.

Any interested individual may nominate individual buildings or districts for historic landmark status. For more information, please call (562) 570-6194.

Historic Districts