Healthy Communities Policy
The City of Long Beach has a bold vision for a vibrant, safe, and healthy community for those who live, work, and play in Long Beach. Adopted by the Long Beach City Council on October 14, 2014, the Healthy Communities Policy establishes a framework for developing each neighborhood into a healthy, prosperous and livable community. Funded by The California Endowment Building Healthy Communities Program, the Policy also aims to strengthen links between new trends in land use, mobility, environmental quality, healthy food access, and safe neighborhoods to improvements in community health, through collaboration, engagement and implementation.

The formation of this document has been augmented through a series of community outreach and awareness meetings conducted over the past two years. Through interdepartmental collaboration, the Policy is expected to be the first step in developing the Healthy Long Beach Plan spearheaded by the Health and Human Services Department, and will influence the upcoming General Plan updates of Land Use and Urban Design Elements.

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