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2nd+PCH Draft EIR

*Appendices are available for review on the 5th floor of City Hall, 333 W. Ocean Boulevard.
 Table of Contents (115.9 KB)
 Executive Summary (388.4 KB)
 I. Introduction (252.4 KB)
 II. Project Description (3.58 MB)
 III. Basis for Cumulative Analysis (821.1 KB)
 IV.A. Aesthetics and Views (5.92 MB)
 IV.B. Air Quality - Global Climate Change (648.7 KB)
 IV.C. Biological Resources (539.1 KB)
 IV.D.1. Arch-Paleo Resources (292.8 KB)
 IV.D.2 Historic Resources (267.3 KB)
 IV.E. Geology and Soils (497.9 KB)
 IV.F. Hazards and Hazardous Materials (865.5 KB)
 IV.G. Hydrology and Water Quality (1.29 MB)
 IV.H. Land Use (552.7 KB)
 IV.I. Noise (1.09 MB)
 IV.J. Population and Housing (251.8 KB)
 IV.K.1 Police Protection (502.5 KB)
 IV.K.2 Fire Protection (912.8 KB)
 IV.K.3 Schools (850 KB)
 IV.K.4 Parks and Recreation (881 KB)
 IV.K.5 Libraries (902.7 KB)
 IV.L. Traffic and Circulation (1.44 MB)
 IV.M.1 Water (390.4 KB)
 IV.M.2 Wastewater (259.4 KB)
 IV.M.3 Solid Waste (290.4 KB)
 V. Alternatives (722 KB)
 VI. Growth Inducing Impacts (162.8 KB)
 VII. Other Environmental Considerations (263.7 KB)
 VIII. Document Preparation and References (216.2 KB)
 PCH & 2nd NOP (23.3 KB)
 PCH & 2nd Project Initial Study (4.33 MB)