Long Beach Planning

Planning Commission meetings are now available online. Click here to watch.

At Long Beach Development Services, we believe good planning helps create communities that offer better options for people to live and work, and helps neighborhoods to thrive. Planning helps community members envision a great city while finding the right balance of new development and essential services, protection of the environment, and innovative change. At LBDS, planning staff works with neighborhood groups, the mayor and city council, police, engineers, business owners and others to make our communities and neighborhoods the best places to live, work and play.

Our planning team ensures that all developments in our city big and small are smart, safe and make the best sense for the community. We work to ensure that our roads can accommodate traffic flows, that neighborhoods will have adequate parks and playgrounds, that open spaces are encouraged, that there is enough commerce to meet local demand, that residents can find good jobs close to home, and that everyone has a chance to live in a safe, high quality and affordable location.

As the needs of Long Beach diverse populations continue to grow and change, the department is committed to working with the community to ensure that the Long Beach of tomorrow is the best it can be. Through our Long Beach 2040 update, department staff is continually looking towards the future while honoring our past.

Planning staff look forward to working with you on your project, and helping to bring your vision to fruition.