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Zoning Ordinances
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Zoning Regulations

The Zoning Regulations (Title 21 of the Municipal Code), in conformance with the General Plan, regulates land use development within the City of Long Beach. Within each zoning district, the Zoning Regulations specifies the permitted and prohibited uses, as well as the development standards including setbacks, height, parking, and design standards, among others. The Zoning Maps page indicates Zoning Districts for parcels of land within the City.

Frequently Used Zoning Code Chapters

Subdivision Regulations

The Subdivision Regulations (Title 20 of the Municipal Code), contain the requirements related to the subdivision of land, including tract and parcel maps, lot mergers, lot line adjustments, and condominium conversions.

Specific Plan Districts

Some areas of the city are "zoned" as special districts, called Specific Plan Districts. A Specific Plan is a comprehensive planning and zoning document that is specifically enabled in state planning and zoning law. A Specific Plan provides a means to establish more specific land use regulations and design standards for properties and areas requiring special attention or treatment. A Specific Plan serves as a policy and regulatory document, with policy direction and project development concepts consistent with the General Plan.

SP-1 Midtown

Planned Development Districts

Some areas of the city are "zoned" as special districts, called Planned Development Districts. Planned Development Districts are more comprehensive than zoning and are intended to achieve a specific outcome in a geographic area.

    Planned Development Districts Map

PD-1 SEADIP   PD-17 Alamitos Land
PD-2 Belmont Pier   PD-18 Kilroy Airport Center
PD-3 Reserved   PD-19 Douglas Aircraft
PD-4 Long Beach Marina   PD-20 All Souls
PD-5 Ocean Boulevard   PD-21 Queensway Bay
PD-6 Downtown Shoreline   PD-22 Pacific Railway
PD-7 Long Beach Business Center   PD-23 Douglas Center
PD-8 Reserved   PD-24 Reserved
PD-9 Long Beach Airport Business Park   PD-25 Atlantic Avenue
PD-10 Willmore City   PD-26 West Long Beach Business Park
PD-11 Rancho Estates   PD-27 Willow Street Center
PD-12 Long Beach Airport Terminal   PD-28 (Repealed)
PD-13 Atlantic Aviation Center   PD-29 (Repealed)
PD-14 Reserved   PD-30 Final Downtown Plan
Sections 1-2, Section 3: Part 1,
Section 3: Part 2, Section 4
PD-15 Redondo Avenue   PD-31 Technology Center/Villages at Cabrillo
PD-16 Reserved   PD-32 Douglas Park North & Design Guidelines
Douglas Park South & Design Guidelines

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