Current Planning
Zoning Information Line (562) 570-6194

Current Planning is the first stop for a person wishing to develop a new project, add-on to an existing home or business, change the use of a property, or subdivide land. The Current Planning Officer is the head of Current Planning, and has the authority to either grant or deny variances from the standards contained in the Zoning Ordinance, and to approve coastal development and Administrative Use permits.

Current Planning Duties

  • Minor construction permit reviews (signs, fences, small additions).
  • Major construction permit reviews (large additions, new buildings).
  • Providing information and answering questions from the public regarding zone designations (Zoning Maps), permitted land uses, setbacks, density, height limits, lot coverage, open space, and other requirements & processes.
  • Discretionary land use decisions (Planning Permit Information).

    • Administrative Decisions: staff-level Site Plan Review, Signs Standards Waivers.
    • Minor Public Hearings: Standards Variances, Lot Line Adjustments, Lot Mergers, Administrative Use Permits, Local Coastal Development Permits.
    • Major Public Hearings: Conditional Use Permits, Site Plan Review, Subdivision Maps, Zone Changes.

  • Business License Reviews for Zoning conformance
  • Special Studies for Zoning Code amendments, zone changes and others.
  • Provide Staff Support for the City's appointed Planning Commission.

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