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Long Beach CA
Advance Planning

The Advance Planning Program prepares long-range plans which usually encompass an entire area of the City, such as the General Plan (for the entire City), the Downtown Plan, the SEADIP Plan (for the southeast area), and the Local Coastal Program (for the coastal areas, as required by the State). It prepares and processes amendments to the various long-range plans. This program is also involved in population projections, research (Maps & Demographics) and City-sponsored coastal development projects.

In 2000, Long Beach completed and adopted a new ten year Citywide strategic plan designed to guide us to our future.

The vision in this plan is:

  • Our City will be a safe community of neighborhoods in a healthy environment
  • Focused on youth and education
  • Offering economic opportunities for all
  • Governed in a responsive and accountable manner

Advance Planners are committed to helping our community realize this vision.

The General Plan is the policy umbrella document under which government decisions on land use are made. It is the blueprint for future growth and development in our community. Each element discusses the issues associated with these topics and establishes policies, programs and objectives designed to address the issues over time. The elements serve as guideposts, which help to keep daily decisions on the right long-range path.

Advance Planners are working with the community and government leaders to create and update the Land Use and Mobility elements of the City's General Plan. The future of Long Beach depends on the continued involvement of residents and business people.