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Noise Element Update; Listen Up, Long Beach!

NOW AVAILABLE: Noise Element Existing Conditions Report

To better inform the future Noise Element, the City invited all members of the public in 2017 to contribute to a Noise Element Existing Conditions Report. This report discusses the fundamental concepts and sources of noise throughout the City, reviews current noise data, and provides a summary of existing regulations under the current General Plan.

A significant resource for the Existing Conditions Report included Listen Up Long Beach, an online mapping tool that allowed all residents and members of the public to report local noise issues and observations. These responses were recorded, studied, and used to inform the Existing Conditions Report.

Altogether, the Existing Conditions Report serves as an official baseline and guide for City decision-makers and departments to begin drafting the future Noise Element vision, goals and policies as they relate to the entirety of the General Plan Update.

Thank you to all who participated in this effort, and we invite you to download and review the Noise Element Existing Conditions Report.

What is the Noise Element?

The Noise Element is a mandatory "element" (or chapter) of the City of Long Beach General Plan, and sets forth policies regarding noise and land use throughout the City. The Noise Element was last updated in 1975, and was implemented through a 1977 noise ordinance. Since that time, the City's physical makeup, population, regional context, and the regulatory guidance around noise have changed significantly.

The City is now embarking on an update to the Noise Element with the aim of providing a tailored approach to noise policy across neighborhoods, recognizing the unique characteristics of a mixed-use Downtown and major transportation corridor environments. The updated Noise Element will contain a set of goals, policies, and implementation measures to limit noise exposure, particularly in areas with nearby housing, hospital, school or day care center uses.

For more information, please contact:
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