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Urban Forestry Program

The City of Long Beach Forestry Program is a collaborative between neighborhood associations, community groups, the Conservation Corps of Long Beach and the Neighborhood Services Bureau to plant trees in Long Beach neighborhoods. All Urban Forestry projects utilize Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and State of California Department of Urban Forestry funding to purchase trees and the tools and equipment for their planting and maintenance.

Periodically the State offers funding for neighborhood tree projects. The Neighborhood Services Bureau partners with interested neighborhood and community groups to apply for funding, utilizing Federal CDBG funds as a required match. As a result, almost 10,000 trees have been planted in the neighborhoods of Long Beach!

Trees must be selected from State and local established lists of non-root invasive, drought tolerant trees. The areas to be planted must be in City approved parkways (not private property). Plantings usually are scheduled in early spring and continue to late fall. Neighborhood organizations interested in applying for upcoming tree grants or volunteers interested in tree planting projects are encouraged to call the Urban Forestry Program Coordinator at (562) 570-5221 or via e-mail at