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Neighborhood Partners Program


The Neighborhood Partners Program (NPP) is available to established neighborhood/community groups within designated CDBG target zones. Eligible groups must be formally established organizations having designated officers and membership rosters and a history of neighborhood involvement. The NPP will provide matching grants of up to $10,000 in goods and services to accomplish approved projects. No actual cash will be provided. The match provided by the applicant must be equal to at least 50% of the total project cost and may be supplied in the form of cash, goods and services, and volunteer work hours (volunteer work hours may not be the sole match).

NPP can assist a variety of improvements and beautification projects. Applicants are encouraged to be creative. Projects must have a public benefit, and must have support of the organization's governing body and the affected neighborhood. Projects may include tree plantings or landscape projects, adopting and improving neighborhood parks or schools, and creating community gardens/landscaped open space. Projects involving construction, substantial rehabilitation, and/or public roadway improvements are not eligible. Eligible projects will be required to comply with applicable building, fire, safety, health, traffic, and zoning regulations of the City and all Federal regulations governing the CDBG program.

Assistance will not be in the form of cash, but rather in the form of goods and services paid by the City. Every effort will be made to use vendors and service providers currently under contract with the Neighborhood Services Bureau. The maximum grant to any one group is $10,000 in goods and/or services per application.

Applications are available through an annual Request for Proposals (RFP). To be placed on the NPP mailing list, which will enable us to notify you of the next available funding opportunity, please call (562) 570-6866 or e-mail us at