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The 15-day public comment period for reviewing the City of Long Beach 2016-2017 Draft Consolidated Annual Performance Report (CAPER) on activities and programs funded by the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), will be held from December 1, 2017 to December 20, 2017. The CAPER assesses the City’s progress and the effectiveness of its performance during FY 2016-17 in the achievement of its overall strategies, objectives, and priorities outlined in the FY 2013-17 Consolidated Plan. The City will submit this report to HUD prior to December 29, 2017. 

A copy of the report, along with any current public comments, will be available to the public at the Neighborhood Services Office/ Resource Center (100 W Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802) and the Main Public Library (101 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802). A copy of the report can be obtained by contacting Alem S. Hagos at (562) 570-7403.

News ImageRevised Land Use Element Maps Now Available for Community Review
The City has released revised Land Use Element (LUE) maps for community review.  The revised maps are to meet the projected job and housing needs, as well as address concerns related to height, density, additional housing units and traffic. The revised maps reflect changes that modified multi-use designations to commercial designations, proposed height reductions in several areas, and lighter intensity uses throughout. The revised maps reflect a reduction in density of 686 acres through height-reduction and modified land-use designations.

Input to the revised maps can be emailed at  The Planning Commission will consider these revised maps on December 11, 2017.  Go to  for more information; to get involved; to learn the facts; and to gain a better understanding of this effort.

News ImageProactive Rental Housing Inspection Program (PRHIP)

To safeguard the stock of decent, safe, and sanitary rental housing, the City of Long Beach has established a Proactive Rental Housing Inspection Program. This Program was created to maintain livability standards, protect against blight, and secure Citywide compliance through efficient and effective enforcement of the Long Beach Municipal Code. The City has been enforcing this Program for many years, pursuant to the California Health and Safety Code. The PRHIP Ordinance allows the Program to now be codified into the Long Beach Municipal Code.

News ImageMayor Robert Garcia Presents ‘Building a Better Long Beach’: An Update On Development Within the City

On June 6, 2017, Mayor Robert Garcia, in partnership with the Long Beach Business Journal, presented an update on the expansive portfolio of new development within the City and major construction projects underway that are ready to break ground over the next few years. The Building a Better Long Beach presentation highlighted the City’s recent growth and resurgence in construction, illustrated significant building efforts, and featured a special announcement about conceptual plans for a new California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) student village in the heart of the City. Community leaders, developers, architects, City staff, and the public attended the presentation held at the Beverly O’ Neill Theater.

News ImageLong Beach General Plan Update Is Here!
The City has developed a plan to create the places Long Beach residents, businesses, and visitors have been asking for: a 21st century approach to achieving big city opportunities without losing the benefits of living in compact and comfortable neighborhoods. View more information.

News ImageListen Up, Long Beach; Get Involved in City’s Noise Element Update Process
The public is invited to collaborate with the City of Long Beach in updating the Noise Element, a mandatory component of the City’s General Plan, by utilizing an interactive, easy-to-use, Noise Element Update Map Tool (Map Tool). The Map Tool enables residents and stakeholders to share input on noise concerns in Long Beach neighborhoods by posting location-based photos and leaving comments online either by computer or smartphone. To access the Map Tool. The public is also encouraged to submit comments on Facebook and Twitter using #ListenUpLB.

News ImageNew Landscape Requirements - Smartscape
The City is implementing new permitting requirements for certain new landscape and re-landscaping projects, as mandated by Governor Brown’s Executive Order B-29. Effective immediately, new landscape projects consisting of more than 500 square feet and relandscaping projects consisting of more than 2,500 square feet will require a permit. Smartscape provides a streamlined permitting process for all applicants; knowledgeable and friendly staff is available to help navigate the application process and understand the plan requirements to help ensure both residents and businesses comply. View more information on Smartscape and the new permitting requirements.

News ImagePRHIP Violation Report
The City, in partnership with property owners and tenants, established the Proactive Rental Housing Inspection Program (PRHIP) to preserve the stock of decent, sanitary, and safe rental housing units. California law requires that all rental housing properties comply with the minimum standards for public health, safety, and welfare. In accordance with Long Beach Municipal Code 18.30.120; the City is authorized to conduct periodic inspections of residential rental properties to assure compliance with all applicable building, housing, and sanitation codes and ordinances. A list of properties with violations present for over 120-days have been identified. View Violation Report. More information on PRHIP.


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