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Upcoming Events and Projects Timeline

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Between summer 2018 and summer 2019, a variety of community outreach events and activities will take place to provide various ways for the public to learn more and provide feedback that will shape development of the CAAP. These events will be focused on validating the data and risk assessments, and working in partnership with the community to understand, prioritize and plan mitigation measures and adaptation strategies towards identified climate risks and vulnerabilities, CAAP goals and reduction targets.

In addition to ongoing events and opportunities, two citywide public open houses will take place in winter and spring 2019. Open house #2 in winter 2019 will be used to prioritize potential mitigation measures and adaptation strategies for the CAAP. In spring 2019, a 3rd open house will take place after a draft CAAP is available for public review.

It is anticipated that the CAAP will be adopted by City Council by fall of 2019. Developing the CAAP will be just the beginning of an ongoing, collaborative process to make Long Beach a safer, healthier and more sustainable place to live, work and play. Residents, business owners, students, and other community stakeholders are encouraged to get involved by providing input, spreading the word, and sharing ideas, priorities, and solutions to help establish and achieve the City's climate goals.

We hope you will join us at an upcoming event!


LB ClimateFest
Saturday, June 1 | 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Marine Stadium

5255 E Paoli Way
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Community Engagement Summary

At these outreach events, staff showcased the vulnerability maps (e.g. sea level rise, extreme heat, precipitation, and social vulnerability) we showed at the first open house as well as encouraged residents to take the CAAP survey and provide their feedback on their priorities to develop an actionable and meaningful CAAP.

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