Engineering & Development Services

Long Beach Municipal Code

  • Structural Plan Check Information (562) 570-6731
  • Mechanical Plan Check Information (562) 570-6333
  • Electrical Plan Check Information (562) 570-6091
  • Plumbing Plan Check Information (562) 570-7630

The Development Services Center (DSC), includes the permit processing and issuing counters of Planning & Building, as well as the Departments of Public Works, Gas, Water, and Fire. The Engineers review construction plans for compliance with zoning, building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical codes, and State statutes for energy conservation and access to the disabled. In addition, the procedural review and approval of methods to correct or reduce the earthquake hazards associated with certain types of buildings or structures, constructed prior to January 9, 1934 are performed.

Staff Contact:
Truong Huynh, General Superintendent of Development Services (562) 570-6921